Advil – Migraine Causes

Explainer Video

KPMG – 21st Century Enterprise

Explainer Video

Food Network

Sexiest Chef Alive intro & graphics package

Star Wars “Solo” – Maul

Vector Illustration

Star Wars “Solo” – Lando

Vector illustration

Star Wars “Solo” – L3-37

Vector illustration

Noh Mask – Onna

Vector illustration

Fortune 500

Featured video for Fortune 500

Hershey’s Gold

Sizzle Reel

Cantor Fitzgerald

Digital signage displayed in Times Square

American Express | Fine Hotels

Sizzle reel

New York State of Health

Character animation & design

Book of Mormon

Broadcast commercial


Sizzle reel

HP Virtual Reality

Animated Illustration

HP eSports

Animated Illustration

New York State Of Health

Explainer Video

Adventure Time Royal Ruckus

Creative direction & animation


Explainer video

Al Jazeera America

Digital signage

Rand Animation

Original character designs & animation

H&R Block

Retro themed motion graphics

30 Rock – “Tracy Jordan”


Gillette – NFL

Short-Form content