Advil – Migraine Causes

Explainer Video

KPMG – 21st Century Enterprise

Explainer Video

Food Network

Sexiest Chef Alive intro & graphics package

Star Wars “Solo” – Maul

Vector Illustration

Star Wars “Solo” – Lando

Vector illustration

Star Wars “Solo” – L3-37

Vector illustration

Noh Mask – Onna

Vector illustration

Fortune 500

Featured video for Fortune 500

Hershey’s Gold

Sizzle Reel

Cantor Fitzgerald

Digital signage displayed in Times Square

American Express | Fine Hotels

Sizzle reel

New York State of Health

Character animation & design

Book of Mormon

Broadcast commercial


Sizzle reel

HP Virtual Reality

Animated GIF Illustration

HP eSports

Animated Illustration

New York State Of Health

Explainer Video

Adventure Time Royal Ruckus

Creative direction & animation


Explainer video

Al Jazeera America

Digital signage

Rand Animation

Original character designs & animation

H&R Block

Retro themed motion graphics


30 Rock – “Tracy Jordan”


Gillette – NFL

Short-Form content